The Indian Food Diet

Get Healthy, Lose Weight and Improve your Love Life...

Dr. Meena Malhotra

Passionate about bringing benefits of natural indian spices into healthy food habits.

Nature's Medicine added to spice your delicious food.

Yummy in a Hurry - Yup - thats the goal post Dr. Meena wants to hit with every recipe that helps inculcate a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Why not make it easy to be and stay healthy - start with the food we eat.

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Indian Spices

Spices have traditionally been used in Indian food for centuries. Western Research is now able to establish what has been known for centuries in Indian kitchens.

Healthy Fast Food

The recipes and the approach to healthy living should be easy to do - and so are the recipes that Dr. Meena has created.

Anti Weight, Anti Toxins

The ingredients will help you lose weight, promote internal body healing and clear harmful toxins from your body - naturally.

How does Indian Food Diet Work?

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